Experimenterra - AI Growth Consultant For Startups

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Beta phase notice:

Please note that Experimenterra is currently in the beta phase, which means that some features may not be fully developed and some bugs may occur. I am constantly working to improve the product and your feedback is highly appreciated.

What is Experimenterra?

Experimenterra is an AI-Powered Growth Consultant living in Notion. It helps you get your business off the ground faster with clarity and a systematic approach by guiding you through the growth experimentation process. It gets better and smarter the more you use it, and helps you generate enough revenue to invest in a human growth consultant for more in-depth advice.

Are you struggling to grow your early-stage startup? Does marketing feel like black magic, and do you feel overwhelmed by the chaos of each day, with no clarity on what to do? You might not be seeing any significant results because you aren't following a clear process. Meet Experimenterra - your AI-powered growth consultant. It guides you through a clear growth experimentation process so you can grow your business with precision and focus, work smarter, and stress less. With Experimenterra, you'll know exactly where to focus your energy for maximum results.

Important Note 1: This version of Experimenterra is best suited for subscription-based businesses that offer a free trial (other business models will be supported soon).

Important Note 2: Experimenterra is a Notion template powered by AI. You can use it on the free Notion plan but you need to purchase the Notion AI add-on for $10.

How does it work?

Who is it for?

Experimenterra AI Growth Consultant is designed for early-stage startup founders with little to no marketing experience who are struggling to grow their businesses.

Why Experimenterra is exactly what you need

  • 🧠 Focus - it analyzes your business and target audience insights to find out where you can make the biggest impact
  • 👥 Relevancy and Human-Centricity - it recommends strategies and tactics to develop tactics that match your audience's interests and lifestyle to maximize effectiveness.
  • ⚙️ Consistency And Commitment - helps you keep track of your experiments and provides an action plan, so you know what to do every day can be consistent and systematic in your approach
This product is not currently for sale.

You'll get this powerful Experimenterra AI Growth Consultant in a form of a Notion template.

You just provide a few details about your business and your target audience and let the AI consultant do the rest.
Know where to start to make the biggest impact. Work smarter, not harder. Get clarity on what to do each day to grow your startup.
Your product is made for humans. So should be your growth strategy. Experimenterra is designed to keep your users needs at the center of everything you do.
To grow your business you need to commit to incremental changes consistently every day. The more you do it the more you learn and the faster you grow. Experimenterra helps you stay consistent and commited.
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Experimenterra - AI Growth Consultant For Startups

0 ratings